“Direkt Approach is our go-to training company for over 15 years! They lead excellent sessions on a variety of topics conducive to learning and development of employees. Their candid and earnest approach to teaching is not only encouraging but also needed for employees to succeed.  Working with them on customizing training and improving current courses has been of great benefit for our team. Their goal is to assist your organization in succeeding and they do so with warmth, knowledge and influence.”
- Natalia Rayzor, SHRM-CP, PHR, Employee Development Officer, IU Credit Union

“My first, second and third recommendation to any business owner is to hire Direkt Approach. Jennifer Hart and Susie Hinkle will be invaluable contributors to any business! Their unique insights and talents were absolutely essential to my business successes.”
- Michael Fitzgerald – CEO of Sunrise Greetings; Vice-Chairman of Equipment Technologies; Chairman of Deer Park Investors

“Susie and Jennifer are a dynamic and complimentary duo of positive energy, practicality and wisdom that deliver results. It has been my good fortune to have worked with Susie and Jennifer with 4 different companies over a span of two decades. Whether it was attending my first Direkt Approach class as a rising leader or creating custom leadership training modules as a senior leader, I always felt like there was no better investment of my time. Susie and Jennifer are authentic, practiced business leaders, and believers in people. They are truly gifted at helping others fulfill their potential. Thematic to my experience with Direkt Approach is a customized training experience with direct connection to the business and organizational needs. This intentional alignment and action-biased coursework is an experience that not only makes you think, but makes you feel.”
- Ryan Hawkins, SVP and Head of Manufacturing, Molecular Templates;
Chief Operating Officer, Cook Pharmica

“Direkt Approach has become my go-to source for professional development. The coaching relationships that have been established have increased my confidence and facilitated acceleration of my career. The training and coaching programs have also improved the performance of my staff.”  
- Lauren Smith, Senior Director, Quality, Catalent Biologics

“Susie and Jennifer from Direkt Approach provided me with one on one career coaching. They provided tailored advice to help make me more effective as a leader, with colleagues, as well as helping me with how to effectively communicate on a range of mission critical topics with company leadership. They drew from years of experience and studies providing examples of philosophies and approaches that not only allowed me to view problems through a different lens, but equipped me to handle a range of scenarios I have encountered since then. Their advice and guidance has been invaluable in not only my career, but for companies or institutions I have worked for and I don’t doubt will work with in the future. As a senior leader, my professional toolkit, enhanced through Direkt Approach’s coaching, has allowed me to advance in my career, giving me once in a lifetime opportunities that may not have been available had I not gained the confidence they helped cultivate.”
- Simin Zaidi, Senior Director, Manufacturing Sciences and Technology in Biologics, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

“I have a great appreciation for the business background that Jennifer and Susie bring to their coaching and training. There is no better teacher than real world experience and they are able to quickly assimilate challenges I am facing. They have been in my shoes, so they can take a concept for improving business functions, explain how to implement it and anticipate outcomes. The work that Susie and Jennifer do with clients is based on their expertise in the business world, not theory. Critical thinking is at the forefront of my coaching experience with Susie and Jennifer. They are constantly taking a deep dive with me, asking the hard questions and offering fresh perspectives. I view our work together as a mutual investment built on trust and respect. Jennifer and Susie are two of my biggest advocates and I walk away from coaching sessions with renewed energy, confidence and focus. I want to emphasize how invaluable it is to have an outside resource like Direkt Approach. I have utilized Jennifer and Susie to train my staff and my Board of Directors. They are engaging and offer a third-party perspective which is key to breaking down barriers and opening up communication. As a leader, I am able to be an active participant alongside my team during training, rather than trying to be the facilitator. Susie and Jennifer are adept at making observations and adjusting their training to fit the needs and capabilities of the group. The outcomes of our sessions have been a deeper understanding of individuals, how we can better work together as a team, a greater sense of appreciation for one another’s talents and differences, reduced conflict and increased productivity.”
- Wendi Goodlett, President & CEO, Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County

“I have been in sales for over 25 years and had the privilege of working with Jennifer and Susie with Direkt Approach. Through their sessions I learned a great deal about myself as well as how to become a better communicator. I will highlight just a few of the lessons I learned from their classes:  they brought out my positive sales traits and also recognized sales traits that I needed to focus on. The Direkt Approach team did a great job of recognizing the culture needed to create a positive team environment within our office. They defined different styles of communication for both customers and coworkers. Jennifer and Susie also provided me with positive feedback on becoming a better active listener with both customers and coworkers. I would highly recommend the Direkt Approach team to any business.”
- Mark Sutton, Sales Manager, West Point, NE

“When I first contacted Direkt Approach, we were looking for a company who could get us to implementation quickly…we got so much more.  Jen and Susie worked with me to develop a full leadership development program for different levels based on our competencies.  They used their knowledge and content, but let me customize areas to put our company feel on it.  Jen and Susie’s knowledge and teaching styles complement each other, they were able to get our leaders to have real conversations with each other, reflect (become self-aware) and take positive action.  Our leaders still talk about the program and the impact Direkt Approach has on their work and life.”
- Stephanie Roberts, Talent Development Director, Catalent; Value Stream Supervisor, Drug Product Secondary Production Support

“I thoroughly enjoy my coaching sessions with Jen. She’s an outstanding listener who quickly identified limiting beliefs that plateaued my leadership. With Jen’s input, I’ve learned to better navigate difficult situations and recognize emotional responses keeping me from desired outcomes. Her straightforward approach has been perfect for me as a busy leader who desires to constantly improve my leadership skills.”
- Jeff Gilmer, Vice President, Retail Lending

“When I first contacted Direkt Approach, Inc., I knew my agency's board of directors needed guidance, but I did not know what kind or how to articulate it. DA met with me and a few board members and started asking questions. Thought-provoking questions. Questions that led us to understand our strengths and our weaknesses as a group. At our follow up meeting to prepare for the board's annual retreat, DA brought the absolutely perfect plan to lead our board in understanding the best way to move forward. The retreat was a huge success. We bonded, we created a work-plan and we left with enthusiasm that lasted the year. We asked DA back the next three years. Our retreats are always fresh, productive and fun. I couldn't imagine where we would be as a group without Direkt Approach's direction.”

- Kristin Bishay, Executive Director, Monroe County CASA, Inc.

"Jennifer Hart gave a wonderful talk on Opportunity Thinking: How Your Attitude Can Make a Difference. I felt like she was talking with me, not at me. She was funny but to the point. It was an interactive experience that really made me think about what I want out of life and how I'm going to get there. It also confirmed that I was on the right track with some things I was already doing."
- Annie Arens-Walker, President Elect ABWA Success! Express Network

"I recently attended a "Keeping the Stars" seminar in Bloomington. The information presented was presented in a very user-friendly manner that I could take back to work and use in my own department. The presenters interjected personal experiences to help correlate some of the philosophies into "real life". I would definitely recommend this seminar for HR professionals and front-line managers and supervisors."
- Jen Morgan, HR Manager, Baxter Pharmaceutical Solutions, LLC

Certificate Program Graduates
“I don’t want to sound corny here, but the courses have really benefited me at work and even at home.  When I signed up for the classes, I thought that they would just fulfill some generic requirement by Corporate and I wouldn’t really learn anything.  I learned a lot in the classes about why I do the things I do and also about other people.  I guess my eyes were opened and it has made me more patient and less judgmental toward others.”

“I have learned so much from these classes and am very excited about the next ones.”

“Loved the activities and practical application- the activities helped relate to real-life at work.”

“I’ve always known that I’m a little bit of a control freak, but I never really saw the reason to change.  I thought I was doing the right thing and so it was okay for me to be upset with the way other people did things.  The classes taught me that I could relinquish the need to control things and focus more on controlling my own emotions in certain situations.  I can’t really express HOW MUCH my stress levels have decreased since I began the classes.  It was also nice to see others in the class had similar feelings and dealt with similar situations.”

“Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge about many facets of leadership.  Even though it is ‘your job’, doing your job and doing it well are two different things.  You both do your job well.  I appreciate the opportunity to work as a team towards a common goal on a path to success.  Thank you for taking the time to plan ahead and strive to do your job well, while also pulling in your audience to want to push higher and farther.”

“I have learned to focus less on appeasing everyone, but rather to focus on tasks that are of importance first rather than urgent.”

“I am more aware of the need to be open minded with ideas even when I feel mine is best, especially with regards to simply learning how to really listen versus faking it but thinking about the next statement I want to make.”

“Thank you for your enthusiasm and dedication.  It is evident by the way you guys carry yourselves that you do have a passion and much talent with applications to effective leadership.  The final exam was a bit of a rough one.  Thanks again for everything!” 
(This individual made 100% on the exam)

“One of the best things about Jennifer and Susie’s teachings—it’s okay to do the right thing (be willing to be unpopular).  Where I worked before, I was taught that it was more important to be liked, rather than following the right path.  But the right path translates to respect, which has a deeper impact.  I have really, really enjoyed the supervisor development classes.”

"The topics are relevant to today's marketplace. They (Direkt Approach) challenge us to make the information apply to our own individual business through interactive discussion and brainstorming."
- Amy Swain, Advertising Director, Indiana Daily Student

"Having taught at four different colleges and universities, I considered myself somewhat of an expert on teaching methods and techniques. When I recently attended my first workshop conducted by the Direkt Approach team, I seriously doubted that they had anything they could teach me, and I approached the workshop with a critical attitude. To my pleasant surprise not only did I learn much about Customer Relations, but I observed that the Direkt Approach team knew all of the teaching techniques that characterizes good teachers. I would highly recommend these workshops to anyone wishing to improve their business skills."
- William L. Roberts, Professor Emeritus of Music, Indiana University

"I used Direkt Approach to help me develop a program for integrating a new team of communication specialists with an existing department. Over the course of four months, the staff at Direkt Approach worked with me and my senior management staff to set priorities and develop a retreat-based orientation program for all staff. The retreat was a great success thanks to the creative and professional services Direkt Approach provided. I certainly will use Direkt Approach in the future as we build on the wonderful start they provided us."
- Karen Lewis Alexander, Associate Vice President for Communications, The University of Chicago

Participant Testimonials
"Concepts presented in the course have not only changed how I work, but also how I live! I know that my leadership skills are light-years better than they were when I started the course, and will only continue to improve as I continue to apply the lessons learned."

"I took from the training the courage to have a great conversation with a colleague that has been overdue.  I told her that I am going to start telling her immediately when she frustrates me and explain why instead of holding onto it.  I'm really hoping that this will create a stronger work relationship for us in the long run.  I really value her knowledge, opinion and high expectations and want to just make things better."

"Everyone that I talk to loves to go to Jennifer's classes.  I always agree with that statement!"

"I was thinking about the classes with Jennifer and the tips regarding dealing with a challenging employee situation. After a few difficult conversations, she is now one of my best workers.  She is respectful and even comes to me for advice on how to handle other people now.  It's amazing to me that we have such a good working relationship.  Thank you so much for the tools to improve this area of my management experience."

"Susie is very knowledgeable and makes the environment comfortable."

"It was really beneficial to learn through dialogue and the instructor perspectives."

"Great discussion and identified significant opportunity to develop and apply."

"Very relative content and going to use it soon!"

"I am always excited to attend the training and excited when I leave- to think about my actions regularly. Really makes an impression."

"Material was very good and eye opening."

"Jennifer gave good examples. She made me want to participate and I don't usually like that."

"Was really effective to hear different types of complex issues to be managed."

"The most effective part of the program was the opportunity to apply the principles and techniques discussed to actual issues currently faced and decisions in progress in the organization."

"The real life problem solving techniques will be easy to remember. Susie was good at drawing/talking out issues."

"Great instructor – Susie was easy to listen to, kept attention, really good at communicating effectively."

"Jennifer was clearly versed in the topic and tailored her session to be grounded and relevant."

"The training was very insightful and enjoyable."

"I learned a lot about communicating with clients and prioritizing topics when I speak with them."

"Susie was very engaging and helped me focus my energy on productive behaviors."

"The training is effective because it made me focus on identifying what I can improve and actually visualizing myself making positive changes."

"We are free to ask any question and Jennifer is excellent at framing the answer in a way it applies to other areas."

"Very to the point and informative. The interaction is so engaging."

"The training illuminated the importance of building respect and the fact that it is continuous."

We are happy to customize any topic or series for your organization and offer it virtually or on-site at your location.

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