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All our Leadership Programs instill best practices, elevate skills and promote consistency in the organization’s overall leadership approach. Our programs focus on clarity, defining success, results, and balancing people with production. Successful leaders reduce distractions and direct focus, especially when the stakes are high. Direkt Approach’s methods for honing these skills is unrivaled. 

Direkt Approach generates customized learning outcomes connected to an organization’s values and specified competencies. Our focus is on what participants are able to do or know, rather than a checklist of delivered content. We are committed to moving the needle for leaders in real-life application. We discuss what really happens when the rubber meets the road in highly interactive discussion, exercises, group work, content delivery, Socratic questioning, demonstrated learning and shared experience. Benefits of this approach are engaged learners who can readily apply the training. Our pricing structure is designed to encourage series work, rather than a high-ticket one-time silver bullet promise. We develop a true partnership dovetailing with existing training departments and leadership initiatives.

Leadership Essentials and Leadership Foundations are two programs with specifically tailored curriculum for Directors, Managers and Supervisors. Your leaders are ideal candidates for investment. Even athletes at the top of their game practice, hone skills and strive to close any gap in excellence. Lifelong learners are among the most successful people in any industry. Contrary to any stigma that training is for people who aren’t succeeding, we find our programs are most in demand at successful, rapidly growing organizations. 

Road to Leadership is a training series offered to high performers that are candidates for leadership positions. Many clients have utilized this series as a precursor for people who will/may take on direct reports. The same skills it took to succeed in a role are not necessarily the same skills required of leadership. Often, new-to-leadership personnel are thrown in to meet demand while their own supervisor may not have much time for developing them. This series focuses on generating confidence and competence in leadership, so new supervisors are not practicing on employees.

Direkt Approach provides consulting services for operational excellence:

    ✔ Organizational structure 

     ✔ Department assessments

     ✔ Succession planning and preparation for next level roles

     ✔ Cross-functional silo mitigation

    ✔ Operational excellence

✔ Specialization versus generalization of roles

✔ Short term and long term decision processes

✔ Mapping current state to desired state

  ✔ Strategic visioning and planning

  ✔ Strategy translated into deliverables and action items

     ✔ Roles and responsibilities defined to meet business needs 

  ✔ Shared metrics and visibility to know what success requires

     ✔ Behavioral science

     ✔ Culture  (i.e.: creating culture, culture shifts, preserving culture)

     ✔ Workflow efficiency

     ✔ Goal attainment diagnostics

Executive Coaching

Executives rarely have an opportunity to take their foot off the accelerator. Invest in critical leaders to strategically lead an organization. CEO’s, Senior Management and seasoned leaders value counsel to problem solve and further their own skill development.  DA is willing to challenge leaders to continuously seek improvement and growth. Direct and kind communication is achievable, effective and can absolutely coexist. This focus has improved the communication skills of hundreds of leaders in a wide variety of industries and leadership roles.  

Leadership Coaching provides an opportunity for mid-level leaders and new-to-role leaders to remedy blind spots and add to their leadership toolbox.  Focus on impact, deliverables and staff development to round out a leader’s strengths. Close skill gaps and define success.  Why wait ten years to gain ten years experience?

DA has expertise in resume writing, review and interview preparation. 

Shift the emphasis from effort to results. Many successful organizations operate from an historical narrative with established ways of doing business that yielded success and now find themselves at the next step in the life cycle of an organization. Often, the very things that generated rapid growth are not the things that will be successful at the next level. Introduce discipline, data and awareness of what it takes to achieve desired results and objectively assess fully burdened costs. Move your organization from experiential, opinion-based talk about the work to measurement and data-driven objectivity.

    ✔ Utilize tools to measure performance 

    ✔ Evaluate performance to goal

    ✔ Lead and manage growth

    ✔ Calculate, assess and evaluate the effective and efficient                        management of resources

    ✔ Improve hiring through the disciplined use of behavioral question         banks and by matching the organization’s needs identified in a job         description’s skills, roles and responsibilities

    ✔ Utilize performance reviews as an assessment and development         tool 

    ✔ Implement the appropriate leadership structure to meet the needs         of the organization with a constant eye on customer focus 

    ✔ Leverage data to exceed strategic goals

Teambuilding fosters trust, acknowledges strengths and minimizes challenges. Respect builds unity. Trusted collaboration saves time and prevents distractions. Align mission and goals to make sure your team gets the job done. Have fun while improving communication and productivity. Gather beneficial information through facilitated discussion. Build consensus through gaining buy-in and bringing people along sharing “why”. Our events are highly interactive. Experience a dynamic environment and find creative solutions to real-life challenges. Our goal is your success.

Direkt Approach customer service series and programs are highly successful because we get to the root of delivering great, memorable customer service. People commit to respect for others as a product of their vision for themselves. Customer service becomes more than a tactic or deliverable, it becomes a way of thinking and doing. Your customers, employees, leadership and your bottom line will notice the impact of this approach.

Direkt Approach has established a stellar reputation for engaging, inspiring and thought-provoking public speaking. Able to adapt to a variety of group sizes, event types and topic requests, DA will entertain, educate and make a difference at your function. 

Direkt Approach conducts highly interactive, high impact retreats for strategic planning, annual meetings, teambuilding, Board of Directors, and team events for concentrated focus. Capitalize on the rare and rich opportunity to gather together and dedicate focus. Find creative solutions to real-life challenges. Make the best use of this time through ample preparation and Direkt Approach’s skilled facilitation to realize results.

Direkt Approach is an authorized distributor for Wiley Publishing – Everything DiSC brand. DA’s unique approach to working with DiSC, Team Dimensions and other behavioral science instruments helps people leverage their abilities. By focusing on the understanding and the dialing up and dialing down of behaviors in the workplace, people learn how to apply the training beyond completing a profile.

Wiley Publishing is the original source for all the DiSC assessment tools and training. Wiley provides valuable products and services to help people develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships. Extensively researched and time-tested resources create the opportunity for transformational experiences. Wiley helps people discover their potential and organizations realize greater success.

Everything DiSC brand, the leading provider of instrument-based learning systems, pioneered the original DiSC learning instrument over four decades ago. Wiley continues to create innovative products and services that engage, inspire, and empower individuals and organizations. Available in 25 languages in more than 50 countries, millions of people have used these behavioral science learning resources to gain insight into their attitudes, behaviors, and potential in the workplace. The DiSC assessment tool is the most popular scientifically-validated behavioral study in North America.


Change is constant. Direkt Approach leading change and change management courses equip leaders and teams with the tools, tactics and perspectives to successfully navigate and adopt change. 

Direkt Approach sales training is unrivaled. In quick, direct style we breakdown the process of selling into essential fundamentals. Enjoy confidence gained by selling from a refreshed optic of analyzing your skillset, rather than trying gimmicky maneuvers and slick phrases. Find your own authentic voice. Sales is a vital profession in a moving economy. Refine your skill in matching customers with needed solutions, products and services. Partner with your prospects and accounts by serving as a reliable resource while representing your organization’s excellence.

Staff Development is a great way to invest in your employees. Increase confidence, morale, productivity and efficiency of your most important resource. Improve retention and cultivate a sense of ownership. Job descriptions and goal setting are the blueprints for setting expectations. When employees know what to do with their time and effort, stress is reduced and targets are more likely to be hit. Let us help you reach your goals by customizing a series package to deliver at prescribed intervals. See our Training Topics to see options. We also create new courses upon request. For in-depth programs around specific skills, we offer a customized series of curriculum on the following: 

    ✔ Staff development

    ✔ Department cohesion

    ✔ Train the trainer

    ✔ Sales training

    ✔ Customer service

    ✔ Communication

    ✔ Root cause analysis

    ✔ Mentoring

    ✔ Public speaking

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