Leadership Enrichment and Development

Senior management and executive personnel rarely have an opportunity to take their foot off the accelerator. Invest in critical personnel by infusing time to remember, invigorate or reinvent the critical skills of communication, goal setting, motivation, accountability and leadership.

Most organizations have moderate to extensive training programs for their new hires, but too often, people promoted to supervisory or management positions receive little leadership training due to time and resource restrictions. Direkt Approach has a highly regarded, successful training program to develop new leadership.

To support succession planning, we will work with you to design a training program in order to groom candidates for possible future leadership positions. Direkt Approach will work with your organization to close skill gaps and strengthen succession planning.

Ensure that your organization mirrors your mission. We have years of experience dealing with culture alignment, organizational structure and goal attainment, across a variety of industries.

As part of your succession planning, as an opportunity for development, or to meet personal goals, Direkt Approach can provide mentoring services. Sometimes there exists a stigma that training is for people who arenít succeeding, but the contrary is true. Top performers utilize coaching, practice and lifelong learning.

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